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Rachel Wiley, MS, OTR/L, CDP is an occupational therapist and the founder and owner of Day By Day Home Therapy and the Dementia Collaborative LLC. Rachel is certified in Skills2Care® for caregivers of individuals with dementia, and she is a Certified Dementia Practitioner. Rachel is also a certified master trainer of Skills2Care® through Jefferson Elder Care and trains occupational therapists from around the country in the Skills2Care® program. She is also currently an advisory council member for Dementia Society of America. Previously, Rachel was an adjunct faculty member in the occupational therapy departments at Thomas Jefferson University and Temple University. She also worked as the occupational therapist and Dementia Service Coordinator for the Pew Charitable Trust Grant with Jefferson Elder Care. Rachel attended Penn State University for her Bachelor's in Rehabilitation and Human Services and minor in Psychology and attended Thomas Jefferson University for her Master's in Occupational Therapy. She previously served as the Gerontology Chair for the Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association's (POTA) District V Board and was the recipient of the "OT Award of Recognition" for "Innovator in Specialized Dementia Care" from POTA in 2019 . Rachel has been working with individuals with dementia for over 10 years. Rachel enjoys her mom's home-cooked meals, hanging out with her dog, Abbi, and rock-climbing. 


Janice Wiley is our office manager and Rachel's mom! She has many years of administrative experience, having been employed by the City of Philadelphia as a Housing Financial Specialist. Janice has also worked for several years in physician’s offices. She is very empathetic and familiar with the challenges of  caregivers, as she has prior experience caring for an aunt and then her mother who both had dementia. Janice enjoys any time that she and her husband get to spend with their three daughters. She loves cooking, traveling, yoga, and walking the Perkiomen Trail with friends.

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Day By Day Home Therapy

A note from Rachel:
My grandmother, Norma Vees, passed away in December 2015 from dementia. She was an incredible person and an important role model in my life. Her experience and our family's experience with dementia has fueled my passion for ensuring individuals with dementia are treated with the best possible care. My grandmother's maiden name was "Day", so the name "Day By Day" was created in her honor. Also, as many family caregivers know, living with dementia requires living "day by day". 
My grandmother's sisters, Aunt Doris and Aunt Jerry, have also passed away from dementia. Their maiden names were also "Day", and I hope to honor them through my continued commitment to providing care, training, and education to my clients, their families, and the community.